Why Your Adwords Campaign Should have
A Great Landing Page...
If you've ever run an Adwords campaign than you know how important the "Destination URL" or "Landing Page" is to the performance of your advertising. Statistically, you have 7 seconds to convince a new visitor that your business has what they want... but the importance of a well designed landing page doesn't end there.

Google also rates your landing page with a quality score. If you get high marks, with relevancy, straight-forward navigation and trustworthiness - your page visitors will contact you, and Google will reward you with better ad positioning and lower costs-per-click. In some cases, the home page to your business's website may not be enough to maximize the ROI from your advertising efforts. Listed below are examples of the landing page templates I build for my clients.
A Great Landing Page = More Money
These high converting web pages will impress visitors and Google... resulting in cheaper clicks and more customers for you. It's a win- win...
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