What is PPC/Pay Per Click?

PPC is short for "Pay-Per-Click" advertising. It is an online advertising system whereby advertisers only pay when a person searching for their product or service clicks on their ad. Businesses who advertise using this system can create PPC campaigns targeting specific keywords, locations, demographics, ad delivery times and much, much more. Another huge advantage of Pay-Per-Click vs traditional advertising is our ability to track data and monitor key metrics. When set-up and managed correctly you will always know if your advertising is profitable or not.

GTClicks can handle all of this for you with high-level campaigns, professionally managed with detailed, easy to understand weekly reporting.
When it comes to online advertising, Google AdWords is where the money is, representing 85% of all search engine traffic. Although there are some exceptions, businesses not advertising on Google are missing out on tremendous opportunities for growth. Think of Google as the new digital version of the "Yellow Pages". When a customer is looking for your product or service they look online, see your ad, contact you and make their purchase. Google AdWords is a very robust platform with multiple options ranging from Paid Search, Display / Banner ads, remarketing, YouTube and Gmail ad placements.
Facebook ads are playing a key role in many businesses online marketing strategy. The targeting Facebook provides is incredibly granular ensuring your ads are put in front of the right people, at the right time, in the right locations. Some businesses get great results from cold-market "point of contact" ads that generate immediate sales or leads. However most businesses require a longer-term strategy using Facebook to build huge lists of highly targeted customers using a technique known as "pixeling". Users are pixeled once they click on your ad or watch your video. We get great results serving new ads with special offers, coupons and deals to these pixeled lists known as "custom audiences".
If you're already advertising on Google, running the same ad campaigns on Bing is a logical approach to your overall digital advertising strategy. Although Bing only represents 10% to 15% of the search traffic found on Google, the cost-per-click is often half the price and the competition is usually much lower. We recommend using Bing as a low-cost supplement to your other online advertising. The reduced cost-per-conversions will help boost the overall performance and ROI across all your ad channels and ad spend combined.
Display ads are perfect for establishing brand awareness or to place banner ads in front of the right audience, on the right website, at the right time. Using analytical tools and techniques, we'll research what websites your customers spend time on, the best time of day, and place your company's ad in front of them. Remarketing allows us to "retarget" your website's previous visitors with new ads specific to the list we are advertising to. Remarketing is simply a friendly reminder to visitors who previously showed an interest in your company while urging them to become a paying customer.

What is a Certified Google Partner?

Google Partners is an association of digital agencies, marketing consultants and PPC strategists that have undergone training, passed exams, managed a required minimum of ad spend, and undergone a Google review of campaigns under management.

According to Google,
Achieving Partner status is not supposed to be easy. It takes advanced Adwords knowledge (Certifications), a track record of high-quality results (Best Practices), and a healthy amount of activity (Spend) across your managed accounts.

Additionally, Google Partner certifications expire every year, which means on-going education and the active management of Google AdWords is required.

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